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The New V600 range of UV-Visible-NIR Spectrophotometers

uv visible nir spectrophotometers



The latest generation of UV visible NIR spectrophotometers just arrived

When we put the latest V-series range of UV-visible-NIR instruments onto the drawing board, we made sure we listened to the needs of our customers. The result is the most comprehensive range of applications run on the most sophisticated optical benches. But most important when you come to use your JASCO spectrophotometer, you will find it so easy to use; thanks to the new 'simple and intuitive use- interfaces.

Complete with the most comprehensive range of sampling accessories and software


Coupled to the cross platform Spectra Manager II with simultaneous control of any of our other instruments including Fluorescence, FTIR, Circular Dichroismuv visible nir spectrophotometers


Dual Beam Fixed Band Pass
V630 Dual beam optics with fixed 1.5nm bandpass, great for all of those QA/QC functions where fast data is required. 


Double Beam Single Monochromator
V650 The high quality double beam instrument for demanding research and QA/QC functions where extra performance is required


Double Beam Double Monochromator
If you need linearity at high absorbance or very accurate measurements the completely new high specification double beam double monochromator - the V660 delivers.


Double Beam Single Monochromator
For NIR applications up to 2500nm, the all new V670 offers a great specification in a single monochromator package

The New V630Bio dedicated for Life Sciences Analysis.

This great little package offers everything you need for quantifying proteins and nucleics acids as well as providing an integrated kinetics analysis including rate constants. The iRM fits neatly in the palm of your hand and is programmed with a touch screen and stylus for simple operation or take advantage of the complete suite of software included in Spectra Manager IIuv visible nir spectrophotometers

Spectra Manager II for UV

Comprehensive data analysis for UV-Visible-NIR spectroscopy

 uv visible nir spectrophotometers