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New Prep-4388 Preparative SFC System
SFC Systems
Re-designed preparative SFC Systems

The completely re-designed Prep-4388 preparative SFC system includes many new features, such as mass directed prep using a single quad MS detector, a higher flow rate for 3cm columns, and automated CO2 shutoff valves for easier priming and to prevent backflow when the flow is switched off.

The fractionation system is also improved with simple individual cyclone separators in a fan evacuated hood.

The Prep-4388 retains the same options for UV- and chiral- directed separations

The new BP-4340 back pressure regulator includes many new features including a ceramic needle for longer lifetime and a control feedback mechanism for wide flow rate range with minimal pulsation.

The system can be installed on a regular lab bench or mounted on a cart, dependent on available space.

JASCO releases the new SF-4000 Series SFC Systems
SFC Systems
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Solutions

JASCO is proud to announce the New SF-4000 Series Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Systems. The SF-4000 series of reliable SFC systems will give you increased productivity in both chiral and achiral chromatography, from simple analytical separations for routine analysis and method development through to preparative systems at scales using from 1cm to 3cm ID columns.


With up to two modifier pumps and six solvent selection units, modifier selection is very flexible and enables rapid screening of a range of columns using different solvent conditions completely automatically. The SFC-4000 has a range of column oven arrangements that can house as low as 2 columns for simpler configurations, and ovens that can accommodate up to 10 columns for more complex configurations – each with separate temperature control, great for combining chiral and achiral SFC in a single system. Take advantage of the PDA detector combined with the CD-4095 chiral detector to work up fast analytical methods for direct scale-up to semi-prep and prep separations.


The SP-4000 semi-prep hybrid SFC system crosses the divide between analytical SFC and prep SFC offering the best of both worlds. With flow rates from approx. 1 mL/min up to 20mL/min this system can be used with 4.6mm columns for high quality analytical separations and with 10mm columns for excellent sample purification. Use the SP-4000 hybrid with our new MD-4010 PDA detector with high performance SFC flow cell to get unparalleled sensitivity. Or choose a prep cell for scaling with high column loading.

PREP SFC – PR-4088

The dedicated PR-4088 Prep SFC system is designed for large scale throughput with 21 or even 30mm columns to maximum sample preparation. This system is versatile enough to be used for smaller scale prep with 10mm columns. Interchangeable modifier pumps can be configured to give highly accurate modifier compositions. JASCO SF-NAV software provides complete integrated control for flow rate, sample injection and fractionation.

The heart of the systems are JASCO’S patented back- pressure regulator, which allows control of system pressure regardless of solvent composition and flow rate. The solvent delivery system is based on the proven performance of our reciprocating pumps developed over 40 years; the new PU-4380 pumps deliver up to 120ml/min of CO2 and up to 80 ml/min of modifier and flush solvents at pressures up to 35 MPa (5000 psi). Sample Injection can be manual or fully automated with a choice of high capacity autosampler or JASCO’s unique ‘no-loss’ high speed LVI injection system. Automated Stacked injections provide maximum sample throughput in the shortest possible time while also minimizing solvent consumption. Detection choices include UV and/or CD and with MS interface.

The rugged and reliable SF-NAV Process control software is designed to make fully automated operation simple and intuitive with monitoring and recording of all data and system parameters such as chromatograms and temperatures as well as pump, column and BPR operating pressures.

News Archive

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Release Date Title
June 29, 2017 New Prep-4388 Preparative SFC System
August 18, 2015 JASCO releases the new SF-4000 Series SFC Systems
January 28, 2015 JASCO introduces the new LC-4000 Series Chromatography solution
November 14, 2014 Blue LED Invention Receives The 2014 Nobel Prize In Physics
October 28, 2014 Introducing JASCO’s New V-700 Series UV-VIS/NIR Spectrophotometers
May 7, 2014 JASCO Releases a Simplistic Approach to Raman Spectroscopy
October 29, 2013 JASCO Releases New FTIR 4600/4700/6600/6700/6800 Series Spectrometers
June 9, 2013 Introducing The J-1000 Series Circular Dichroism Spectrometers
April 24, 2012 New UV-Vis/NIR Microscopic Spectrophotometer, MSV-5000 Series
April 24, 2012 Preparative SFC Featured At Pittcon 2012
April 24, 2012 New High-Throughput CD Measurement System
April 11, 2011 JASCO Announces The New FP-8000 Series Spectrofluorometers
June 10, 2010 JASCO NRS-5000/7000 Series Raman Spectrometers
April 13, 2010 ELS-2040/2041 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector
April 6, 2010 FVS-6000 VCD Spectrometer & VFT-4000 VCD Accessory For FTIR-4000/6000 Series
January 1, 2009 Preparative SFC System With Chiral Detection
October 1, 2008 JASCO Announces The Release Of Software Drivers For Analyst® Software
July 1, 2008 JASCO And Princeton Chromatography, Inc. Announce Collaboration
January 7, 2008 The World’s First Circular Dichroism Detector For UHPLC
January 1, 2008 JASCO Celebrates 50 Years In The Analytical Instrument Market
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