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FTIR Microscopes

The IRT-5000 and IRT-7000 Series of FTIR Microscopes

FTIR microscopy has generally been reserved for measuring specified samples such as small contaminants on polymer films or micro samples transferred to infrared transparent windows. The innovative IRT-5000/7000 Series FTIR Microscopes provide new functions that dramatically improve infrared micro-spectroscopy analyses. These FTIR microscope systems are used together with the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 Series spectrometers, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems.

Coupling JASCO’s proven technology for infrared spectroscopy with the most advanced optical design, the IRT-5000/7000 Series offers an ideal solution for the most challenging sample analyses.

FTIR Spectrometers
System Features
  • Transmission and Reflection with a choice of magnifications
  • ATR measurement with many prism options including ‘view through’ options
  • High optical throughput using high quality reflective components
  • Wide wavenumber range 15,000 to 400 cm-1
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio with a range of MCT and other detectors including electrically cooled DLaTGS
  • Linear Array detector (16 elements, wavenumber range 7,000 to 650 cm-1) for fast imaging analysis and kinetics measurement
  • High spatial resolution
  • Full vacuum option for sensitive measurement without noise from environmental gases
  • IQ Mapping for in-situ mapping experiments for high speed or samples that can be easily damaged when the ATR is moved
  • Rapid IR Imaging experiments for kinetics using Rapid Scan
  • Spectra Manager Imaging Suite – a fast and powerful interface for mapping and imaging
  • Up to four objectives with automatic switching
  • Exceptional visual observation quality with DIC and polarization options
  • Wide area mapping and multi-ATR imaging
  • Dynamic Imaging with Rapid Scan and Step-Scan options
  • Multivariate analysis PCA
FT-IR Micro-Area Analysis - IQ Mapping

The IRT-5000 and IRT-7000 series systems feature a unique and  innovative function for sample analysis – IQ Mapping. This  enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping and IR imaging analyses of a microscopic area with a manual or auto sample stage and a single element detector. Using a scan mirror the microscope moves the incident light to  specified points, rapidly collecting a full spectrum at each position without moving the sample stage. IQ Mapping can be used to measure and image an area up to 400 x 400 µm using a 16× Cassegrain objective. The combination of IQ Mapping with the automated XYZ stage allows fast mapping and imaging of a wide area.

IQ Mapping

  • Single point / Multi point
  • Line Mapping
  • Grid Mapping
  • Micro-ATR Mapping

IQ Mapping with Automatic XYZ Stage

  • Wide-area Mapping
  • Multi-ATR Mapping
Linear Array Detector and Rapid Scan
  • IR Imaging
  • Linear array detector and step scan
  • Dynamic Imaging
Sampling Flexibility

A wide range of data acquisition modes provides the best solution for almost any type of sample and application.

Exceptional Visual Observation Clarity

All microscopes are equipped with a high-resolution CMOS video camera with a 3× optical zoom, for higher clarity sample observation than digital zoom. Digital zoom is also included for sample visualization at increased magnification.

Spectra Manager™ Suite

Spectra Manager™ combines convenient and automated functions with simplified operational procedures to minimize manual operations. Powerful data processing functions include 2D and/or 3D imaging of chemical information with many standard functions for data processing of spectral data.


A wide range of optional accessories is available. The microscope system can be optimized for sample application requirements.

  • 5.7 inch TFT color display or Binocular
  • Joystick for automated stage control
  • Wavelength extension options
  • ATR objectives and pressure sensor
  • Grazing angle objective and IR polarizer
  • Sample purge and vacuum options
  • Sample observation options(Visible polarizer, Fluorescence observation andrefractive objectives (10×, 20×)

FTIR Microscope Specifications

Principle FTIR microscope with cassegrain optical system
Measurement Method Transmittance / Reflectance measurement
Standard Detector IRT-5100: DLATGS detector (7800-400 cm -1 )
IRT-5200, IRT-7100: Single mid-band MCT (7800-600 cm -1 )
IRT-7200: Linear array MCT (7000-650 cm -1 x 16 element)
Single mid-band MCT (7800-600 cm) -1
Detector Exchange Dual detector capability (software controlled); user exchangeable single element detectors are available as an option.
Optional Detectors Single element detector (IRT-5100):
- Narrow-band: MCT (5000-750 cm -1 )
- Mid-band: MCT (7800-600 cm -1 )
- Wide-band: MCT (7800-450 cm -1 )
- InSb: (15000-1850 cm -1 )
- InGaAs detector: (12000-4000 cm -1 )
Single element detector (IRT-5200, IRT-7100, IRT-7200):
- Narrow-band: MCT (5000-750 cm -1 )
- Wide-band: MCT (7800-450 cm -1 )
- DLATGS: (7800-400 cm -1 )
- InSb: (15000-1850 cm -1 )
- InGaAs detector: (12000-4000 cm -1 )
Linear array detector (IRT-5200, IRT-7100):
- MCT (7000-650 cm -1 ), 1 x 16 element
- MCT (7000-650 cm -1 ), 2 x 16 element
- InSb (10000-1900 cm -1 ), 1 x 16 element
- InGaAs (10000-5000 cm -1 ) , 1 x 16 element
Linear array detector (IRT-7200):
- MCT (7000-650 cm -1 ), 2 x 16 element
- InSb (10000-1900 cm -1 ), 1 x 16 element
- InGaAs (10000-5000 cm -1 ) , 1 x 16 element
S/N Ratio Single element detector (IRT-5100):
- 1000:1 (Aperture size 300 μm2, resolution 4 cm-1, 1 min acquisition, near 2200 cm-1, p-p)
Single element detector (IRT-5200, IRT-7100, IRT-7200):
- 8000:1 (Aperture size 100 μm2, resolution 4 cm-1, 1 min acquisition, near 2200 cm-1, p-p)
Linear array detector (IRT-7200):
- 1500:1 (Aperture size 12.5 μm2, resolution 16 cm-1, 1 min acquisition, near 2200 cm-1, p-p)
Microscope Objectives IRT-5100, IRT-5200, IRT-7100:
- Cassegrain: 16 x 32 x or 10 x
- Automatic objective recognition function (standard)
- Up to four objectives can be selected by the software.
- Cassegrain: 16 x 32 x as standard, 10 x as option
- Automatic objective recognition function (standard)
- Up to four objectives can be selected by the software.
Condenser Mirror IRT-5100, IRT-5200, IRT-7100:
- Cassegrain: 16 x 32 or 10 x (manual exchange)
- Automatic condenser mirror recognition function (standard)
- Cassegrain: 16 x, 32 x as standard (manual exchange), 10 x as option
Condenser Mirror Compensation Standard auto-compensation function
Aperture PC-controlled vertical horizontal adjustment and angle of rotation
Sample Storage Standard (IRT-5100, IRT-5200):
- Manual stage with fine adjustment (Movable distance: X: 70, Y: 50, Z: 20 mm)
Standard (IRT-7100, IRT-7200):
- Auto XYZ stage with auto-focus function (Movable distance: X: 100, Y: 75, Z: 25 mm, 1 μm step)
Option (IRT-5100, IRT-5200):
- Auto XYZ stage with auto-focus function (Movable distance X: 100, Y: 75, Z: 25 MM, 1 μm step Joystick for auto XYZ stage control)
Option (IRT-7100, IRT-7200):
- Joystick for auto XYZ stage control
Auto Focus Option (IRT-5100, IRT-5200)
Standard (IRT-7100, IRT-7200)
IQ Mapping Standard (IRT-7100, IRT-7200)
Sample Observation High-resolution, 3 Megapixel CMOS camera with a 3X optional zoom function (standard)
IQ Monitor (simultaneous sample measurement and observation) and auto illumination function (standard)
5.7 inch integrated color LCD display (option), Binocular (option)
Observation Options Visible polarization observation, Differential interference contrast observation, Fluorescence observation
Refractive objectives: 10×, 20×
Microscope Objectives Cassegrain 16× - standard; 10×, 32× - optional
Automatic objective recognition function is standard
Up to four objectives can be selected by the software
ATR Measurement (Option) "Clear-View" ATR objective (ATR-5000-SS/SD/SG) *1,
conventional ATR objective (ATR-5000-D/Z/G) *1,
Stage-mounted micro ATR using transmittance light path (ATR-5000-TPZ)
Grazing Angle Measurement (option) Cassegrain grazing angle objective (RAS-5000)
Purge Sample area purge case is optional as an option
Integrated Control Panel Transmittance/Reflection switching with indicator; detector indicator; objective selection/indicator; open/close and rotation of aperture; auto-compensation of condenser mirror; visible illumination adjustment
Dimensions IRT-5100, IRT-5200:
587 (H) × 302 (W) × 695 (D) mm, 54 kg
IRT-7100, IRT-7200:
613 (H) × 302 (W) × 695 (D) mm, 56 kg
Power Consumption IRT-5100, IRT-5200:
AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 60 VA
IRT-7100, IRT-7200:
AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 75 VA
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