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Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Systems

SF-4000 Series SFC systems

The SF-4000 Series of SFC systems are used in both chiral and achiral chromatography, from simple analytical separations for routine analyisis and method development through to preparative systems at scales using from 1cm to 3cm ID columns.

SFC Advantages

The use of supercritical fluid chromatography is a green alternative to traditional HPLC, with the use of CO2 taking the place of organic solvent as the mobile phase. CO2  has benefits for cost, health, and safety, as well as faster, cleaner sample recovery during sample purification. Other advantages of supercritical fluid chromatography include low viscosity with liquid-like densities, for higher solubility and increased column loading. The low viscosity and high diffusion lead to faster separations and faster extractions.

SFC has long been the method of choice for chiral separations, but with a large (and rapidly growing) range of column phases available – SFC is now becoming a powerful tool for achiral separations, both analytically and for sample prep.

Optimized Systems

JASCO has been developing packed column SFC and SFE systems for more than 30 years; this evolution has resulted in a user-friendly, robust and powerful SFC-4000 Series.

Wide Range of Detectors

Dual wavelength UV-visible, PDA and the CD-4095 are the only chiral detectors suitable for SFC. Non-optical detectors include FID, ELSD and single-quad mass-spec.


JASCO SFC systems are compatible with most Mass Spectrometers and offer direct control with both Advion CMS and Sciex Analyst.

Fast Response Back Pressure Regulator

The BP-4340 high-speed dynamic back-pressure regulator ensures an accurate and constant back pressure (typically within a few psi), regardless of flow rate and with virtually no hysteresis. The extremely low dead volume prevents fractions from remixing and precipitation build-up in the flow line.

Flexibile and Modular

The three individual platforms for analytical, semi-prep and preparative scales can be customized to suit all applications, from modifier selection to column heater type to detector combinations. Individual modules utilise serial communications with a simple protocol.

All SF-4000 series SFC systems can be used for HPLC – simply switch off the cooling and BPR.

High Solubility and Low Viscosity

Greater solubility and lower viscosity than liquid phase HPLC leading to rapid column equilibration, faster separations and higher productivity.

Wide Molecular Structure Coverage

Applicable to a wide range of molecular structures with a wide range of polarities from strongly hydrophobic to strongly hydrophilic.


SFC uses simple separation solvents – generally CO2 with alcoholic modifiers – which are much greener than other solvents generally used in NPLC and RPLC.


Dramatic reduction in solvent costs for both purchase and disposal.

Straightforward Operation

SFC scales-up from analytical to preparative with ease, so method development for high quality chiral and achiral sample purification with low solvent contamination is completely straightforward.

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