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Digital Polarimeter

P-2000 Series Digital Polarimeter

A high-accuracy multi-option digital polarimeter for all laboratory applications.
The P-2000 is a configurable high precision polarimeter with many options making it suitable for any application or budgetary requirement. The digital polarimeter may be field upgraded as application requirements change. Options for wavelength filters and source lamps can be used for a wide range of analytical wavelengths from UV-Visible to NIR.

Digital Polarimeter
System Description

The P-2000 is designed as a customizable polarimeter with options for an array of applications and budgetary requirements, with field upgrade options available to deal with changing application requirements.

Digital Polarimeter

To support a diverse range of sample types and measurements, the accessories and cells include many different options: a range of cylindrical and demountable stainless steel cells, a Peltier thermostatted cell holder and monochromator options. Quick-connect fittings with flow control valves are used for simple exchange of water jacketed cells that use water circulators. The Peltier cell holder offers accurate temperature control with ±0.1° accuracy.
The P-2000 Digital Polarimeter offers a range of choices for the control system, light source, cell, cell holder and wavelengths ranging from the UV-Vis to the NIR. A system optimized for any requirement can be configured for the laboratory, including only those items required for the desired application(s).

Advanced Instrument Control

Two options for operation are available including Spectra Manager™ Suite innovative cross-platform spectroscopy software for Windows. And the intelligent remote module (iRM) with colour LCD touch screen. These two control and analysis interfaces allow full instrument control and data processing. For regulatory compliance 21 CFR part 11 versions for both Spectra Manager and the iRM are  available as options.

High Speed, Precision and Accuracy

For fast measurement, the P-2000 has a response speed of up to 6°per second, with a resolution of 0.0001°. The wide dynamic range from 0.001°  to ±90° enables measurement over a very broad range of concentrations. The sample chamber includes temperature measurement with the actual temperature constantly updated and displayed on the control screen.d upgrades for different measurement capabilities as applications and budgets evolve

Validation and Regulatory Compliance

A validation program is included as standard for GLP/cGMP laboratories or those regulated by the FDA. The program can be used for periodic validation of light source energy, zero repeatability, and rotational accuracy/repeatability. Inspected filters, sample cells with a certified optical path length, and NIST-traceable quartz rotation plates are also available as options.

Examples of Versatile System Configurations

Single Wavelength System
  • 546 nm with Hg or WI lamp
  • 589 nm with Na or WI lamp
Dual Wavelength System
  • 589/546 nm with Na/Hg or WI lamp
5 Wavelength System
  • 589/578/546/436/365 nm with Na/Hg lamps
6 Wavelength System
  • 633/589/546/436/405/365 nm with WI lamp
7 Wavelength System
  • 633/589/578/546/436/405/365 nm with WI lamp
System Expansion to UV Range
  • 334/313/302/296/280/254 nm with Hg lamp with the wavelength expansion option for the UV range
  • 334/325 nm with WI lamp with the wavelength expansion option for the UV range
Multiple Wavelength System for UV-Vis Range
  • 633/589/578/546/436/405/365/334/325 nm with WI lamp with the wavelength expansion option for the UV range
System Expansion to NIR Range
  • 880 nm with WI lamp with the wavelength expansion option for the NIR range
Multiple Wavelength System for NIR and Visible Range
  • 880/589 nm with WI lamp with the wavelength expansion option for the NIR range
  • 880/589/546 nm with WI lamp with the wavelength expansion option for the NIR range

Digital Polarimeter Specifications

Principle Automatic digital polarimeter with symmetric angular oscillation using the optical-null balance method
Light Source Tungsten-Halogen lamp (WI), Sodium lamp (Na), Mercury lamp (Hg) (Up to two light sourcess can be installed.)
Modulator Farday cell
Wavelength 880, 633, 589, 578, 546, 436, 405, 365, 334, 325, 313, 302, 296, 280, 254 nm
Aperture 1.8, 3 and 8 mm diameters
Angular Range ±90°
Response Speed 6°/sec
Measurement Accuracy ±0.002° (up to 1°)
Repeatability ±0.2% (larger than 1°)
Resolution 0.0001°
Integration Time 1 - 100 sec
Detector Photomultiplier tube (1P28-01) (R928 - option)
Readout Modes Optical rotation, optical specific rotation, concentration, sugar scale Z, Brix purity, optical purity
Temperature Measurement Range 0~40°C (minimum display temperature: 0.1°C)
Dimensions 653 (W) x 249 (D) x 364 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 30 kg
Power Requirement AC100~240V ±10%, 50 or 60 Hz, 80 - 300 W
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