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Optimising efficiency and productivity in the lab requires reliable instruments, quality support, and a strong working knowledge of the instrumentation.

We have created a number of training courses specifically designed to increase user knowledge of JASCO products and related applications, as well as instrument maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

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User Training

We are able to offer a variety of courses tailored to the individual ability of the student. If you are just starting out in Chromatography or Spectroscopy then perhaps a 1-2 Introduction course would be ideal. Alternatively more confident users might want a course designed for the more advanced user incorporating expert guidance on the use of certain accessories and software features.

We can customise a course to suit your needs and we can provide examples of syllabus as a starting point to help you form your own training course requirements.
Courses may be arranged at any time either at our headquarters in Great Dunmow or onsite within your organisation.

Hands-on Experience

JASCO training courses will help you to be confident with your instruments and ensure you understand when they are working reliably and delivering the correct results. Our trainers have many years of experience with Chromatography and Spectroscopy, providing a wealth of advice and guidance as well as a practical insight into working with these techniques.

At the end of one of our training sessions you will be confident operating your instruments and confident to perform diagnostics and front-line user service. If you opt for a basic introductory or a more advanced training course you will without doubt develop a real understanding of Chromatography or Spectroscopy instrumentation. We can customise a course to suit your needs and we can provide examples of syllabus as a starting point to help you form your own training course requirements.

Spectroscopy/Chromatography Training Courses

Course Objectives

The service training courses from jasco (UK) Ltd are designed to let you obtain a real hands-on training experience. This practical approach allows everyone who attends one of our courses to be placed in-front of their chosen instruments with a full tool kit and be guided by a trainer on how to apply themselves to the keys servicing tasks. The techniques used in this course are the same as those applied when training our own field service engineers.

Course Outline

  • Practical hands-on
  • Simple workbook modules
  • Rapid diagnostic techniques
  • Helping the user to understand application related problems
  • Basic servicing techniques
  • Confidence booster
Course Description

You will be shown how each part of the instrument inter-relate; electronic, fluidic and mechanical components. You will have an opportunity to study the design and operational theory and how to apply  cost effective diagnosis of potential problems. Above all you will increase your knowledge and confidence when you return to the laboratory. The course is assessed and certificated in-line with ISO-9000 requirements to ensure that the investment in training made by our customers is an on-going benefit to the organisation as well as the individual.

Who should attend?
The current courses have been designed for users with a whole range of capabilities and different instrument requirements. The main focus of the courses is the application of time-efficient fault finding techniques to minimise user downtime. The service course structure can apply to all levels of laboratory or supervisory personnel, particularly those new to instrumentation and also for experienced users who would like to take a hands-on approach to becoming familiar with day-to-day instrument support.

ChromNAV Video Training Library

Starting ChromNAV Video
Configuring LC Net and HPLC
Launching Control and Building Methods
Single Injections
Sequence Injections
Integration of Peaks
Fraction Collection
Peak ID and Reports
Calibrations, Recalculation Sequence
Internal Standard Calibrations
DP Method and Sequence Report
Peak Purity
Spectral Library Building
System Suitability

SF-NAV Video Training Library

Opening System Control
Time Program
First Injection and Collection
Automated Collection
Repeat and Stacked Injections
Data Viewer
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