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SFC Supercritical Fluid Systems

SFC System



JASCO has been manufacturing SFC systems for over 20 years. Starting with the legendary 880-81 back pressure regulator - the first SFC instrument to employ a stable dynamic regulator (BPR)  to control the super- ritical state. Since then we have developed several iterations adn improved the BPR with more comprehensive set-up and control and of course better performance!.

The new PU-2080-CO2 pump offers peltier electric cooling of the pump head, for greater stability and to dispense with inconvenient plumbing with liquid cooled heads. 

Optional detectors include

Flow cells are rated up to 300 MP (Bar)

Automate the system with

  • SFC Autosamplers
  • SFC Fraction collectors

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PU-2080-CO2  CO2 SFC Pumps

BP-2080-81   SFC Back Pressure regulator

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A Little about the History of Supercritical Fluids

First discovered in 1879, supercritical fluids have been used for extraction applications since the 1950s. The 1980s saw an increase in their use as mobile phase for analytical separations. The work was mainly capillary scale (GC type) work, but some packed column (LC type) applications were developed. Since then, the expected growth in the technique has not taken place but the availability of new programmable pumps and an electronic back pressure regulator opens the door for future development.

The benefits of using supercritical fluids are their liquid-like densities offering higher solubility and increased column loading. They have low viscosity and are highly diffuse enabling faster separation and extraction. The reduction in the use of organic solvents has cost, health and safety benefits as well as faster (cleaner) sample recovery during experimental procedures.

 SFC System