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V-670  UV-Visible-NIR Spectrophotometer

uv visible nir spectrophotometer



V-670 Research UV-Visible_NIRSpectrophotomer

  • Double Beam with PMT and PbS detectors
  • 190 to 3200nm
  • Variable band pass down to 0.1nm
  • 50 sampling accessories
  • Spectra ManagerII (optional 21 CFR 1)

New measurement mode for low volume cuvettes

When you are working with low volumes, it is necessary to mask the cuvette to stop the light passing throught the wall. The new slit M-mode means that you don't need to worry whether the cuvettes are masked or not. The instrument will correct the light path for the unmasked cuvettes

Accessory Recognition

The new V-Series now has accessory recognition.

A simple identity chip is added to the accessories and synchronised to the application you use most. When you switch on the instrument the software will simply confirm that you are ready to run your normal application and you are ready to start measuring

Accessories and Applications

With over 50 accessories and a wide variety of applications to choose from we have categorised them into Life Sciences, Quantitation and Materials Analysis.


Quick Start button

We all know that the PC has revolutionised the interraction with our laboratory instruments. However, sometimes when you want to start a measurement, fumbling for the mouse is not the easiest way of doing things. JASCO has implemented the Quick Start button which has proven so popular on the FTIR series. Ready the PC, insert your sample and press the button on the instrument -  the measurement is made!

 uv visible nir spectrophotometer


The unique single monochromator design of the V-670 requires fewer mirrors to provide a higher throughput resulting in a better signal-to-noise ratio over the entire spectral range

Many UV-Vis/NIR applications require reflectance or transmittance measurements of special optics, films, and wafers. The optional large sample compartment can directly accommodate large samples non-destructively. Several integrating spheres are available including a remote optical fiber unit which can measure the diffuse reflection of a variety of solid samples, such as pastes, clothing materials and food products.

Take a look at the range of integrating spheres, film holders and reflectance accessories to make the most of the V-670


 reflectance accessories

 Integrating Spheres

 integrating spheres

 Film Holders

 film holders

Spectra Manager II

Data is the most important aspect of any measurement you make. Thanks to the many new advances in technology the new V-series makes data acquisition more accurate and reliable than ever.

Now with Spectra Manager II we have provided you with a user interface which is even more user friendly than before but at the same time powerful enough for intensive data tasks.