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JASCO - a company dedicated to analytical instruments

chromatography - spectroscopy - analytical instrumentation



JASCO is a non-traded privately held Japanese company specialising in the manufacturing of analytical instrumentation since the late 1950's. We are listed in the top 25% of worldwide analytical instrument manufacturers.

In every country we offer a broad range of instrument based solutions to a great many science based problems.

    • Life Sciences Analysis

    • Biotechnology

    • Pharmaceuticals & Chemical

    • Materials Analysis

    • Plastics/rubbers and polymers

    • Optics

    • Semiconductors and LCD

    • Nanotechnologies 

At JASCO (UK) we are proud to be able to deliver the great systems developed by our manufacturing organisation in Japan. We believe our challenge is to deliver these products to our customers in the UK and to provide great service; in terms of customer care, from listening to our customer's needs and remaining totally flexible, cost effective and competitive.

We are committed to being responsive to our customers and to our employees in an atmosphere of close teamwork and strong communication.

Our UK headquarters, house our administration, training facility,  demonstration laboratory and workshop facilities, where we pride ourselves on our reputation and abilities which have been so often acknowledged by our customers.

Our European Headquarters are based near Milan in Italy and include facilties for demonstration, marketing and logistics. If you have any questions regarding non-UK activities, please contact them directly.

Manufacturing is almost exclusivly done in Japan in Hachioji, Tokyo. This guarantees the very high quality in the Development, Manufacturing and QA of our sensitive optical and chromatographic systems

JASCO Corporation is accredited to both to ISO 9000:2000 and  ISO-14001 for environmental protection


JASCO UK Limited accredited to ISO 9000:2000