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FTIR Microscope

ftir microsope



IRT-5000 FTIR microscope

ftir microscope

The IRT-5000 FT-IR Microscope employs a mid-band MCT detector as standard, while up to two detectors can be installed simultaneously. The standard "IQ Mapping" function allows multi-point, line, area and ATR mapping experiments without moving the sample stage, in addition to single-point measurements. An optional automatic X-Y-Z sample stage enables auto-focus and mapping analysis of large sample areas.

  • IQ Mapping
  • Dual detector capability
  • Variety of measurement modes
    (Transmission, reflection, ATR, Grazing Angle Reflectance)
  • Multiple objective capabilities
  • Field upgrade to IR Imaging using a linear array detector
  • Measurement in transmission, reflectance and micro-ATR
  • Fully automatic X-Y-Z mapping stage


FT-IR Micro-area Analysis IQ Mapping™

JASCO's new FT-IR microscope systems feature an innovative capability for sample analysis, "IQ Mapping". This function enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping and IR Imaging analyses of a microscopic area with a manual sample stage and a single element detector. The microscope system automatically scans the specified points or area, rapidly collecting a full spectrum of each point without moving the sample stage.
The IQ Mapping function can provide a measurement of a maximum area of 400 μm square using the 16™ cassegrain objective. The combination of IQ Mapping with the automated XYZ stage provides a wide area analysis capability.





Exceptional visual observation quality

A high-resolution CMOS video camera offers exceptional image quality in addition to a 3X optical zoom capability.

Multiple objective capabilities 

Easy selection under the software control of up to 4 different Cassegrainians, ATR and RAS heads.

Automatic Aperture Control

ftir microsope

The Z-axis position of the lower Cassegrainian and the aperture are under computer control. Using the PC screen and our patented "direct through method" monitoring of the whole sample, selection of the measurement area is easy.


IR Profile System (optional)

A precision, automated X-Y-Z mapping sample stage in conjunction with our advanced software facilitates enable either mapping by screen, mouse or joystick, pre-selected area or multi-point measurements. Autofocus is standard, avoiding tedious re-adjustment of the Z axis. ATR mapping is also available. An optional head featuring a pressure sensor allows for safe, unattended operation.



Transmission and reflection


"Direct through system", observation using CCD camera


High sensitivity Mercury Cadmium Tellurium (MCT) detector

Wavenumber range

5000 to 600 cm-1


x16 or x 32

Converging mirror

x16 or x 32

Minimum measurable area

3 mm x 3 m (when x32 Cassegrain mirror is used)

Sample stage



Manual X-Y-Z, Z axis fine adjustment

Directions of movement

X, Y, Z

Movement distance

X axis: 50 mm, Y axis: 70 mm Z axis: 20 mm

Microscopic aperture

PC controlled (independently controlled rotation, and independently controlled vertical and horizontal diameter)



Liquid nitrogen holding time (MCT detector)

Approx. 15 hrs (on delivery)

Illumination for observation

20W Halogen lamp (with PC controlled illumination adjustment mechanism)

Optional Accessories

Model ATR-30-Z ATR measuring unit


Model ATR-30-G ATR measuring unit


Model RAS-500 RAS measuring unit


Model PL-200 polarization measuring unit


Model PL-E polarization observation unit


Model THC-400 thermal analysis system


IR profile system


Binocular lens barrel


TGS detector