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UV Reference



Standards and Best Practice in Absorption Spectrometry

 UV reference


Edited by Chris Burgess and Tom Frost

ISBN 0-632-05313-5



Written for analytical chemists working in industrial, government and academic laboratories, this book aims to be the definitive guide to standards, compliance and best practice in absorption spectrometry. Compiled by a distinguished team of authors and co-ordinated by the Ultraviolet Spectrometry Group (UVSG). It is essentially a practising analytical chemists manual.  The underlying theory is covered in outline, with references to more fundamental works. The discussion on standards in the first part represents a consensus of informed user opinion and is independent of any commercial bias. The second part contains a guide to the practical application of UV spectrometry written by recognised experts in the field.

Part 1 Standards
Overview of UV, cell design and construction, instrument design, liquid absorbance standards, solid absorbance standards, stray light, wavelength standards, regulatory overview, recommended procedures for standardisation.

Part 2 Practical Absorption Spectrometry
Absorption spectrometry in practice, measuring the spectrum, chemometric techniques and numerical methods, derivative techniques and automated sampling.