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Ultra High Pressure HPLC

HPLC Systems operating up to 15,000 PSI for use with a range of column types.

  • Use with conventional analytical HPLC with columns designed to work in the range up to 300 to 500 Bar
  • Use the new range for 600 Bar columns from a range of manufacturers
  • Take advantage of the Fused Core columns at higher flow rates
  • Speed up your analysis up to 10 fold to save solvent and time!

Applications in

  • High-speed and high-resolution separations using small particle sizes typically 1.5 to 2um
  • Proteomics
  • LC-MS
  • Fluorescence - JASCO is the only company with a fluorescence detector capable of handling the narrow peak widths produced by X-LC columns
The New JASCO X-LC system is completely modular and can be used in any combination and with any mass spectrometer

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 ultra high pressure HPLC system


If you take a look at a Van Deemter curve for particle size versus resolution - you can see why column manufacturers have been working to develop packing materials with particle sizes smaller than 2um to provide ever increasing resolution for high speed and for separating complex mixtures. ultra high pressure pump graph

The downside is that the small particle size and narrower columns cause extremely high back pressures resulting in the need for systems to deliver precise flow under difficult conditions.

The New X-LC system from JASCO can operate from analytical pressures right up to 15,000 PSI.  

Key Features

  • Isocratic or High pressure gradient Binary solvent systems comprising one or two JASCO PU-2080ultra or PU-2085ultra pumps.
  • Flow rate ranges are from around 10ul/min to 10ml/min including gradient mode. Pressures up to 15,000 PSI
  • Detection can be either conventional UV using the new JASCO X-LC detector with high speed response or increasingly LC-MS for proteomics applications.
  • Control with EZChrom, Micromass MassLynx 4 and Finnigan Xcalibur 1.3 and shortly Analyst 1.4.1 - to provide an intregrated solution

ultra high pressure chromatography

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