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Technical Support Desk

Technical Support Desk





 'Our aim is to provide you with instant technical support '

You are able to :-

Contact your local engineer directly he knows you and your instrumentation.

Speak diectly to one of our highly trained UK based technical specialists who will have comprehensive knowledge of your instrumentation and software.

Speak to any of our field or workshop engineers their experience will be invaluable in ofering practical advice.


For a quick response, please telephone our office on

  Service Line 0844 980 8654  (local Rate)

Switchboard 01371 876988

Office hours are 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday


or you can email us at





When contacting us with a problem, it would be a great help if you can provide us with the following information.

  • Tell us the model number and serial number
  • Firmware version; which is displayed on the front panel of the chromatography instruments
  • For the various spectroscopy products, please refer to the manual to find how to locate the firmware versions
  • If you have a software issue, please try to locate the software version and build information
  • Please give us as much information about the fault as you can