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Supercritical Fluid Pumps



Supercritical fluid systems require a pump for transferring liquid carbon dioxide. JASCO offers the PU-2080-CO2 for analytical applications, the PU-2086-CO2 for applications ranging from analysis to preparative isolation, and the PU-2088-CO2 for high-volume, preparative isolation.

PU-2080-CO2 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pump (Analytical Range)
This carbon dioxide transfer pump is for analytical applications. It employs Slow Suction-Quick Delivery (SSQD), recognized for low pulsation as its pumping mechanism, thereby enabling stable transfer. It enables transfer at a stable compositional ratio when using it along with a modifier pump, thereby achieving separation and extraction with high reproducibility. The PU-2080-CO2 also makes it possible to build an extremely compact analysis system without requiring any external cooling equipment.

PU-2086-CO2 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pump (Semi-Preparative) (image  attached )
This dual-head supercritical carbon dioxide pump is for applications ranging from analytical to preparative isolation. It employs a specially shaped cam to achieve stable pumping performance up to a high flow rate. A single system can be used to analyze batches and perform purity inspections. It also conserves space by combining the PU-2086 with a compact cooling head.

PU-2088-CO2 Supercritical carbon dioxide pump (Preparative) (image  attached  )
This dual-head supercritical carbon dioxide pump is specifically designed for preparative isolation. Due to its ability to transfer carbon dioxide at a stable rate of 10 to 150 mL/min, it can process large volumes of samples up to about 30 mm of column internal diameter for preparative SFC applications and up to 1L of vessel volume for extraction applications.