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Supercritical fluid back pressure regulator



BP-2080-81 back pressure regulator for supercritical fluids

JASCO manufactured and patented the legendary 880-81 dynamic BPR in the mid-80's. The new BP-2080-81 is a generation on from the old design. It still uses the same principal of regulator valve, pressure transducer and control electronics, but now the performance is greatly enhanced with new components and a new electronic feedback mechanism.

The regulating valve consists of a dynamic needle and valve seat. The valve controls the flow resistance by changing the gap between the valve needle and seat. The new valve is based on high speed switching of the fluid flow by periodically opening and closing the flow path. This new back pressure regulator offers even greater experimental flexibility:

  • Super critical conditions are maintained independently of mass flow rate - it is possible to increase the volume of CO2 being delivered without changing supercritical conditions
  • Eliminates blocking of the valve flow path. Precipitated solutes and dry ice are forced through the valve
  • Fractionation is made easier by utilising the collection facility at the outlet of the regulator
  • Simplifies preparative scale chromatography