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JASCO Spectroscopy




Spectra ManagerSpectra Manager and Spectra Manager II

Spectra Manager the cross platform software designed to reduce your training overheads. Simple to learn and simple to operate. Compatible with all Windows platforms. Spectra Manager is common to all of our spectrometers.

Spectra Manager II running under Windows XP Professional. JASCO now offers an option for 21 CFR part 11 compliance for UV-Vis, FTIR, CD and Polarimetry

FTIR SpectrometersFT/IR-4000 and 6000 Series  FT/IR spectrometers


Whether it is routine QA/QC, teaching or Research JASCO's range of FT/IR spectrometers provide a cost effective alternative for todays laboratory. Check out these packages for the most cost effective solutions for your laboratory:

All of our packages take advantage of the worldwide agreement to supply KnowItAll Software JASCO Edition: including - spectral library creation, searching and is supplied with a 10,000 reference spectral library! COMPLETELY FREE. 
The sample compartment has been designed to incorporate the most advanced sampling accessories from all the major accessory manufacturers as well as JASCO's excellent tange including the new  IRTRONu


UV-Visible-NIR SpectrophotometersV-600 Series
UV-Visible and UV-Visible-NIR Spectrometers

A range of UV-Visible and UV-Visible-NIR instruments from low cost routine to high performance research grade double beam spectrometers. With the widest range of applications software and sampling accessories

Fluorescence SpectrometersFP-8000 Fluorescence Spectrometers

High quality fluorescence spectrometers for simple applications like scanning and quantitation  through to advance measurements using polarisers and temperature control.

Circular Dichroism spectrometersJ-800 Circular Dichroism Spectrometers

Exciting developments from the world's No.1 in Circular Dichroism.

PolarimetersP-2000 Series Polarimeters

The all new P-2000 polarimeter with touch screen iRM and built-in 21-CFR