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Special Purchase Plans

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Why Use Financing?

- I need to get new equipment, but I don't have any budget this year. Can financing help?

Yes, Financing will avoid a large capital outlay and will free up your hard earned working capital. You may also benefit from tax advantages
There is no need to find cash for a purchase or a substantial deposit – normally it will be just the first month’s lease rental that’s required and we can arrange for a Direct Debit payment to be taken for the balance of the fixed lease period.

- Alternative Banking Line
A Lease agreement doesn’t affect your other lines of credit such as overdrafts or bank loans, leaving these options in tact and available to you if you need them.

- Fixed Regular Payments
All Leasing agreements are arranged on a fixed interest basis. Irrespective of what happens to bank base rates, the payments remain fixed throughout the term of the agreement. This allows you to budget accurately while using the equipment.

- Tax Benefits
Payments made under a lease agreement can reduce the taxable profit of the business, i.e. rentals can be offset against tax. This reduces the net cost of the leasing package to you.

- Complete Flexibility
Leasing allows you to upgrade, refresh, exchange or add equipment as new technologies, models and enhancements become availabe or are required – in some cases without an increase to the monthly lease payment.