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Sample Injectors





AS-2059-SF Autosampler

When using supercritical carbon dioxide as a mobile phase, it replaces the content of the sample loop with supercritical carbon dioxide with each injection. Continuous introductions of samples requires the aspiration of the next sample after safely discharging the carbon dioxide in the sample loop and fully replacing it with an organic solvent. The AS-2059-SF can safely discharge carbon dioxide in the sample loop and continuously inject samples. The injection method can be selected as either a fixed injection volume that fills the entire sample loop or a variable injection volume that introduces the sample in a portion of the sample loop. The variable injection volume method is also capable of full injection with zero sample loss..

Temperature Control
The optional sample-warming unit (TC-2059) can control the temperature of a sample between 4ºC and 60ºC in 1ºC increments (temperature control precision: ±1ºC).

AS-2058-SF Preparative Autosampler

• Up to 10000ul (Full Fill Loop Injection Mode) of a sample can be injected, while the AS-2059-SF (with optional large volume injection kit) is 1000ul. (Standard sample loop for the AS-2058-SF is 5000ul.)
• Dual Line Injection (DLI) Unit that improves peak shape in Preparative SFC can be installed.
• 4, 6, 10, 20, and 27mL sample vials can be used.