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Digital Polarimeter

P2000 Series




P-2000 Digital Polarimeter

The versatile solution to high performance digital polarimetry

The P2000 digital polarimeter is completely customisable for use in your laboratory. Choose single or dual source from Tungsten, Sodium or Mercury with automatic lamp selection and a choice of up to 15 wavelength from the UV to NIR using manual filters or an automatic filter selection wheel.

In its simplest form the P-2000 can be configured for QA applications using the Na-589 line with single filter and calibrated using NIST traceable standards. You can even check the instrument using the built-in validation suite.

For more complex applications add a Tungsten or Mercury lamp and additional filters to measure rotations at a range of wavelengths

  • Resolution to 0.0001™
  • Measurement to 90™
  • Cell Aperture sizes 1.8, 3 and 8 mm diameters, for use with narrow diameter cells
  • Measure using Standard Na-589 line or choose from a wide avelength range 880, 633, 589, 578, 546, 436, 405, 365, 334, 325, 313, 302, 296, 280, 254 nm
  • Temperature Control from 0™ to 40C using air cooled peltier electric cell holder

JASCO has been a leading manufacturer of high performance Polarimeters since 1967,  the P-2000 series includes the latest hardware technology and advanced data analysis and reporting; designed to meet the requirements of compliance GLP/GMP along with providing validation protocols and diverse wavelength settings.  

Spectra Manager™ and Spectra Manager-CFR™

The P-2000 instrument can be operated using the stand-alone touch screen iRM  or with the unique cross-platform Spectra Manager™ software or 21 CFR part 11 compliance with Spectra Manager-CFR™   Digital Polarimeter with 21 CFR part 11 compliance


P-2000 Polarimeter

iRMiRM™ Intelligent Remote Module

In stand-alone mode, The iRM Intelligent Remote Module is equipped with a touch sensitive LCD screen.  Using the touch screen the user can easily operate the instrument , analyse and report data. A variety of optional software can be used by simply inserting the Compact Flash card into the slot on the iRM. Print with any Pictbridge compatible printer

Polarimeter ValidationValidation & GLP/GMP

Included as Standard!

A complete series of tests can be performed to guarantee the performance of the instrument.

  • Light source
  • Repeatability of zero optical rotation
  • Accuracy and repeatability of optical rotation

The inspection results including the SOP (standard operating procedure) can be printed. 

Design your own validation test or use the JASCO NIST traceable standards

Polarimeter AccessoriesAccessories

Now with IQ intelligent accessory recognition

  • Peltier thermostatted Cell holder
  • Water Jacketed Cell Holder
  • Ambient Sipper
  • Peltier Thermostatted Sipper
  • Thermometer for use diectly in the cell

User calculation program

All procedures, ranging from sample measurement to the calculation of data can be easily programmed for automatic operation. The procedures can then be stored on a card for future use.