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Modifier Pumps



Supercritical fluid systems that use carbon dioxide add a modifier solvent when boosting the degree of extraction freedom. Achieving a stabilized compositional ratio (0.1 to 50%) is crucial to performing separation analysis, requiring a pump that performs stable fluid transfer. The PU-2080, PU-2085, PU-2086, PU-2088, and PU-2089 transfer pumps renowned for the use in HPLC, are the optimal choice for pumping modifier solvent.

PU-2085/2080 Semi-micro/Analytical HPLC pump
These pumps are capable of low-pulse pumping due to optimizations of the pump head, check valve, plunger, and other parts, thereby delivering a stable baseline. JASCO’s proprietary SSQD pumps deliver co-solvent at a stable rate with low pulsation. The PU-2085 is particularly efficient at pumping in the low flow range. The PU-2085 and PU-2080 are optimal for pumping 0.1 to 3 mL/min and 0.3 to 7 mL/min, respectively.

PU-2089 4-solvent low pressure gradient pump
The PU-2089 is an all-in-one quaternary pump that delivers all the functionality of the PU-2080 HPLC pump, the LG-2080-04 four-solvent low-pressure gradient unit, and the DG-2080-54 four-solvent degasser. The PU-2089 can switch between four different modifier solvents.

PU-2086 Preparative pump
This pump employs a dual plunger system optimal for high-flow pumping. It handles applications up to 20 mL/min and can be used for analyzing preparative samples injected at high volumes. The unit is the same size as the PU-2080 and saves space even when combined with a high flow pumping system.

PU-2088 High-Flowrate pump
This unit is a modifier solvent pump developed for preparative SFC. The usual flow rate range is between 5 and 60 mL/min and when used with the PU2088-CO2 enables the processing of high-volume samples.