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J-1100 Compact CD spectrometer for routine measurements





circular dichroism spectropolarimeter

The new JASCO J-1100 is a CD Spectrometer system designed to meet most of the demands for biomolecule analysis in a compact, lower cost package. The simple yet powerful design is perfect as a workhorse for generating consistent CD data for research as well as an effective tool for teaching CD in academic environments.

The Dual Polarizing Prism Monochromator covers the entire region required for routine analysis of biomolecules with excellent stray-light rejection for accurate results.

Measurement Modes
The standard measurement modes include CD. LD and Absorbance for protein, peptides, DNA and other biomolecular studies

Simultaneous Multi-Probe(SMP)
The SMP technology delivers a new level of productivity that looks at your sample using several techniques at the same time to extract maximal information in minimal time.

Temperature Control
CD is monitored whilst conducting temperature experiments such as or stability studies.

Amazing new accessories for the J-1000 allow you to measure excellent CD data from as little as a 5ul sample.

Integrated Hg lamp for wavelength calibration and the first NIST traceable standard for scale calibration assure your results are not only accurate but traceable to internationally recognised standards.

Excellent Nitrogen Purge Efficiency
Computerised gas flow modeling was utilised to design the fastest most optimised purge gas flow efficiency, effective throughout the entire optical system without any user intervention.

USB Interface
A standard USB2 connection is all that is required assuring that future PC changes are easy to make without any compatibility concerns and specialised control boards inside the PC.

Only JASCO CD systems are manufactured to the internationally recognized standards of the ISO quality program assuring you a product which consistently meets guaranteed specifications and a quality level that is defined and unsurpassed.