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FTIR Accessories

ir accessories



JASCO's range of FT/IR spectrometers can be equipped with a variety of popular Infra-Red accessories. A few of these accessories are described below.

  • SliceMaster™  Three simple microtomes to prepare thin slices for FTIR analysis. Useful for films, plastics and biological materials.
  • IRTRONu High performance incompartment microscope for samples down to 20 microns








Powders and Solids

Measurements of Powders and solids can be performed in a variety of ways, ATR (attenuated Total Reflectance)  is becoming increasingly popular due to the ruggedness and ease of use, but it has certainly not replaced DR - Diffuse Reflectance nor the humbe KBr Disk and pellet!

FTIR infrared ATR









Normally done by transmission in a liquid cell these can also be measured by ATR using a single bounce ATR or a trough plate multibounce ATR

infrared transmission cells






Short and long, simple and complex, gas cells can be supplied in a range of path lengths from just few cms to tens of metres. JASCO has even supplied a special multipass gas cell with a length of over 1km!

FTIR infrared small gas cell