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Gel Permeation Chromatography

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The dedicated GPD system combines everything you need for very accurate molecular weight determinations.

GPC PumpPump

The PU-2080 is the perfect solvent delivery system for GPC. Near pulseless flow coupled with long-term stability of flow-rate due the unique gearbox design and Slow Suction Quick Delivery SSQD, dual piston head means that the column  retention times are extremely accurate. You can be confident that the pumps remailn calibrated even over very long run times.


UV-2075 UV-Visible detector. The optical bench has been carefully designed to minimise drift caused by thermal and electronic effects. The flow cell is also temerature stabilied to minimise drift!

RI-2031 Refractive Index detector. Very stable precision optics combined with a high stability heater cooler to maintain an even optical bench temperature across a wode range. With a programmable purgeable referencehe and a high sensitivity mode, the RI-2031 has been proven for GPC applications

Other detector. We can supply detectors for ELSD, Laser light scattering and Viscometry on request.


Choose from a manual Rheodyne 7725i low dispersion valve or one of the family of JASCO autosamplers, depending on throughput requirements


Calculating Molecular Weights

We recommend PSS standards and Columns, This German manufacturer is a market leader in the development of high performance products fr all aspects of organic and acqueous GPC.

Let us know your requirements and we can provide a detailed quotation for your columns and standards needs.