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FT/IR-6000 Series FTIR with KnowItAll™ JASCO Edition

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The new JASCO  FT/IR-6100, FT/IR-6200, and FT/IR-6300 FTIR spectrometers offer the best available performance in the industry with the highest signal-to-noise specifications. Designed for a wide range of critical research and development FTIR applications, each model is capable of measuring from the Near IR (15000 cm-1) to the Far IR (50 cm-1) As well as the well proven IRT-30 mapping IR microscope JASCO has introduced a completely new high speed linear array imaging microscope the IMV-4000. The FT/IR-6300 has been designed for FT-Raman. Step scan, high resolution, and full vacuum options are available for the FT/IR-6100, 6200 and 6300  and models

 Top of the Range FT/IR-6300

The FT/IR-6300 features the absolute highest resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio in the industry. The gold coated optical surfaces provides higher throughput in the Near-IR region and enables expansion to FT-Raman measurement. The FT/IR-6300 includes the Rapid Scan (20 Hz) feature as standard for tracking high speed chemical reactions and other processes. Function and Perfomance with the FT/IR-6100 and 6200

 Flexible performance FT-IR-6100 and 6200

The FT/IR-6100 provides a high level of functionality and flexibility and high accuracy measurement capability in an affordable package. Choose from a range of auto-aligned interchangeable beamsplitters, detectors and optical components. Total flexibility with capacity for multiple detectors.

The FT/IR-6200, with a higher level of resolution offers an excellent choice for gas analysis and other critical applications such as measurement of impurities in semiconductor processing.

 Features of JASCO FT/IR-6000 Spectrometers

  • IQ  automatic accessory system
  • Quick Start button and Quick Start program
  •  "stand-by mode" when the instrument is not in use protects the source from damaging thermal shock.
  • Fully purgeable interferometer with vacuum versions available.
  • Automatic self aligning beam splitter
  • Multi-Wavenumber range capability from 15000 cm-1to 50 cm-1
  • Alignment free corner cube mirrors
  • Peltier controlled temperature stabilised high performance DLATGS detector
  • Choice of detectors, DLATGS, DLATGS(PE), MCT, InSb
  • External beam configuration 
  • Choice of source Halogen, Mercury, High intensity Ceramic
  • 28 degree Michelson Interferometer to minimise polarisation effects
  • Vibration isolated optical bench
  • Spectra Manager TM  for Windows
  • Choice of manual or automatic instrument validation including customizable software
  • Quantitative Software
  • JASCO Canvas for customised reports
  • Accepts all popular IR accessories like the Golden Gate, PIKE, SensIR 
  • KnowIt All™ Informatics System, JASCO Edition Software

 Vacuum or Purge

The entire research grade FT/IR-6000 Series has an option for  vacuum configuration offering a more efficient, cost effective method of complete CO2 and H2O vapor removal than nitrogen purging.

 Advanced Function and Specifications:

  • Measurement from 15,000-20 cm-1
  • Resolution down to 0.07 cm-1
  • Signal to noise greater than 50,000:1
  • Rapid Scan function (20 scans/sec)
  • Expandable to FT/Raman (FT/IR-6300), Micro-FT/IR, GC-FT/IR, TG-FT/IR



KnowIt All™ Informatics System, JASCO Edition Software

Enables you to search and access reference spectra, build databases with spectra and property information, and generate high-quality reports. The package includes:

  • SearchIt™ Import your own data and search reference databases as well as your
    own custom database
  • AnalyzeIt™ Interpret the bands in infrared spectrum for functional group analysis
  • RefineIt™ Process spectral data such as smoothing, baseline correction, and
    spectral subtraction
  • DrawIt™ Draw chemical structures
  • ReportIt™  create standard reports, design papers and presentations
  • MineIt™ Build a searchable database of materials common to your laboratory 
  • Reference database of 10,000 spectra included in this package

 Step Scan

Step Scan FT-IR spectroscopy offers the capability to obtain rapid time-resolved infrared measurements. This technique covers the entire mid-IR region allowing simultaneous measurement at all frequencies while maintaining the high throughput and multiplex advantages of FT-IR. The time-resolved Step Scan FT-IR technique involves displacing the moveable mirror of the interferometer in a step-wise manner. Using the Step Scan technique it is possible to monitor the progress of very fast and reproducible events.


All models in the FT/IR-6000 series have a Quick Start button which, when used with the Quick Start program, allows the user to perform measurement easily and quickly. This new feature is ideal for routine analysis and QC operation required when measuring multiple samples.

 IQ Auto Accessory Recognition

This series includes a new Auto Recognition Accessory System that employs Logical Interface Control (LINC) technology. Once an accessory has been registered, the system recognises the accessory as soon as it is attached and its measurement parameters are automatically set. The Auto Accessory Recognition feature removes the necessity for repetitive and troublesome parameter settings and can help avoid mistakes made due to incorrect parameter settings. The accessories that can be recognized by the system are not limited to those made by JASCO. By registering attachments beforehand, accessories made by other companies can also be recognized by the system.

 Simple operation mode

Having considered how our customers use our instruments, JASCO now offers two different operation modes. For high-level research analysis, JASCOs cross platform software suite, Spectra Manager™ , provides a wide range of advanced features and functions that allow precise measurement and detailed data analysis. For routine and QC operations, JASCOs new Quick Start System has been added which allows quick, easy-to-use measurement and data analysis. With the new JASCO Quick Start System you can.....

  • Start measurements with a single push of a button. After pre-setting a measurement sequence, measurement can be performed by simply pushing the Quick Start button on the instrument or clicking the Start button on the tool bar of the Quick Start Measurement program.

  • Perform measurement and data analysis with no previous knowledge of the instrument and/or minimal computer expertise. Using the mouse, simply select the measurement, data analysis, print and / or save items you require for your measurement sequence and you are ready to start measurement.

  • Set a password to prevent unauthorized access.

When JASCO Quick Start is used together with JASCOs new Auto Recognition Accessory System (IQ), accessories can be changed over and measurement performed more quickly and easily than ever before.

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 FT/IR Validation Software

To comply with all regulatory requirements such as GLP, GMP and ISO-9000, a complete validation system is supplied with all FT/IR-4000 Series instruments 

See more about Validation