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FTIR Spectrometers



If you enjoy simple power you will love these New FTIR-4000 and FTIR-6000  FTIR Spectrometers

Power is simply at your finger tip with one button operation using QuickStart™

FTIR-4000 Designed for speed and accuracy in a fast paced modern laboratory!

If you demand the best in reliability flexibility and durability, the FT/IR-4100 is quick to learn and will give you dependable results day after day!!

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FTIR-6000 built by optical scientists for use by researchers. If you have a research application, we have the answer! The widest wavelength range and the highest S/N guarantee whatever you are studying, the results will be quicker and more accurate.

spectroscopy - chromatography - FTIR

IRT - 7000

IRT-7000, an innovative FT-IR multi-channel microscope with advanced functionality which drastically improves the ability to obtain microspectroscopic data.

The IRT-7000 offers two detectors as standard; a 16-channel linear array detector for infrared sample imaging and a single-point MCT detector.

Spectra Manager II™ and Spectra Manager-CFR™

Spectra Manager II is still the only cross-platform Windows XP™ software package for controlling a complete range of spectroscopic instrumentation. The Spectra Manager II™ and Spectra Manager-CFR suite features full control, data acquisition and spectral analysis programs . In addition the software suite includes JASCO Canvas a customisable data presentation package, JASCO's Validation software, Quantitative Software and an Infrared tutorial CD-Rom.

KnowItAll™ Essential Tools for IR - JASCO Edition 

The JASCO FTIR-4000/6000 Series now includes the Bio-Rad Laboratories Informatics Division search software package.

KnowItAll™ enables you to search and access reference spectra, build databases with spectra and property information, and generate high-quality reports. The package includes:

  • SearchIt™ Import your own data and search reference databases as well as your own custom databases
  • AnalyzeIt™ Interpret the bands in an infrared spectrum for the functional group analysis
  • RefineIt™ Process spectral data such as smoothing, baseline correction, and spectral subtraction
  • DrawIt™ Draw chemical structures
  • ReportIt™   create standard reports, design papers and presentations
  • MineIt™ Build your own searchable databases of materials common to your laboratory 
  • Reference database of 10,000 spectra included in this package

Informatics KnowItAll™ have posted new tutorials on their website

  • How to Search for Enantiomers in a Structure Database 
  • How to Search for E/Z Isomers in a Structure Database 
  • How to Search a Database of Structures for Diastereomers 
  • How to Add Stereochemical Specifications to Structures in a User Database



FTIR Spectrometers

Simply from "Press to Print" it couldn't be easier.

This unique facility enables measurement and analysis to be completed with a single push of the QuickStart button.

The QuickStart sequence is set-up by the user or instrument administrator and password protected, preventing unauthorised modification of method parameters. Multiple samples are quickly measured and processed with no need for further user interaction guaranteeing results and simplifying analysis even for unskilled operators.

Reduced Analysis Time possible by market Leading  Signal to Noise


Increase the S/N reduce the analysis time!
Get your results quicker!

Every JASCO FTIR leads its class in sensitivity! With a specification of 22,000:1, the FT/IR-4100 offers sensitivity with rapid analysis for routine QC samples. The world beating S/N ratio of 50,000:1 for the FT/IR-6300 makes it the complete answer for research applications.

Validation, Compliance and GLP/GMP Support

Ensure your results with built-in validation.

Both 4000 & 6000 series are bundled with validation software. Day-to-day peace of mind in compliance regulated laboratories. Check-out the instrument perfomance with traceable calibrated standards. For busy labs the auto-validation option means you can start the tests and leave the intrument to check itself out while you do something else,

Maintenance Free Design

The sealed interferometer of the FT/IR-4000 series protects sensitive optical elements from the envirnment. Unique exit-window materials provide a robust and water resistant barrier without compromising optical throughput. The patented high intensity ceramic light source assures years of trouble free operation, and is now easily user-changeable.

Extended Wavenumber Range

The working range of all models can be extended to cover NIR to Far-IR applications by switching optical components such as light source, beam splitters and detectors. Various options are available for each model in the 4000 and 6000 series. 

Water Vapour and CO2 Compensation Program

Water vapour and CO2 in the air makes it difficult to obtain high-precision data. Unlike conventional spectral difference techniques, this program does not simply perform subtraction operations but automatically compensates for the effects of water vapour and CO2 . 

Corner Cube Mirrors

The interferometers of all JASCO's FT/IR-4000/6000 series utilise corner cube mirrors (inverse reflection elements). These mirrors simply, independently and automatically correct for any light path deviation, enabling optical stability at all times without the need for "dynamic alignment".