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FP-8200 - Routine Fluorescence Spectrophotometer



The FP-8200 Fluorescence spectrophotometer

For general use, especially for routine fluorescence analysis.

  • Wavelength range on both Ex and Em
  • 200 - 750 nm / Option: 200 - 900 nm
  • Wide dynamic range; greater than 6 orders of magnitude
  • Automatic higher-order diffraction cut filter (option)
  • Select from iRM or Spectra Manager PC control

fluorescence spectrometer


For various volumes and shapes of samples

  • FMH-801 3 mm micro cell jacket
  • FMH-802 5 mm micro cell jacket
  • FUV-803 Absorbance measurement cell block
  • FHM-804 High sensitivity cell block
  • FSA-805 30 degrees incident angle cell block for triangular cell
  • FSA-806 30 degrees incident angle cell block for rectangular cell
  • FDA-808 Solid sample holding block
  • FLH-809 Film holding block
  • FPA-810 Powder sample cell block
  • SAF-850 One-drop measurement unit

For temperature control

  • CTH-807 Water thermostatted cell block
  • STR-811 Water thermostatted cell holder with stirrer
  • FCT-816 Water thermostatted 4-position cell changer
  • ETC-814 Peltier thermostatted single cell holder (water-cooled)

Auto-sampler and sipper

  • SHP-819 Peristaltic sipper
  • QFS-821 Vacuum sipper
  • FSC-823 Micro flow cell holder
  • ASU-800 Autosampler
  • ASP-849 Syringe pump

For kinetics and reaction analyses

  • ATS-826 Automatic titration unit
  • CSP-828 Sample compartment lid with syringe port

Polarizer and depolarizer

  • FSP-838 Depolarization plate