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HPLC fluorescence detector

hplc fluorescence detector



FP-4020 Fluorescence

FP-4020/4025 Fluorescence detector

The FP-4020 fluorescence detector has been designed for the pursuit of extreme sensitivity. Re-designing the optics and electronics from the ground up, as well as removingtheeffectsof ambienttemperaturewithanewtemperature-regulated cell body has led to the highest sensitivity with stable detection. The new axially irradiated cell design enables the very highest sensitivity detection. These changes have resulted in a giant leap in sensitivity for the FP-4020 to achieve a signal noise ratio of 2300:1 or higher (based on the water Raman peak). The FP-4025 is an excellent routine fluorescence detector that has a slightly lower specification with a water Raman S/N of 1400:1 . Both detectors can be used for simultaneous detection at two wavelength pairs; excitation and emission wavelengths can be changed during the acquisition using a time program and automatic spectra scanning can be triggered manually, by time or automatically by threshold. A built-in mercury lamp enables automatic wavelength correction and the front-access design allows easy replacement of the flow cell assembly and light source.