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JASCO Complete Fluorescence Spectroscopy



More sensitive than a pulsed light source!

Signal to Noise greater than 5000:1 using the FP-8500 (Ex 5nm,Em 5 nm spectral bandpass)

JASCO Fluorescence spectrometers all use a high power Xenon arc lamp. The benefits of this can be clearly seen by the improvement in sensitivity.

  • Use less material
  • For proteins and DNA use lower concentrations
  • sample faster
  • Lowest Minimum Detectable Amount for sensitivity assays 

A complete range of luminescence spectrometers that can be further enhanced by the addition of application specific software and hardware accessories.

FP-8200 Routine fluorescence spectrometer

FP-8300 Routine high resolution fluorescence spectrometer

FP-8500 Research fluorescence spectrometer

FP-8600 Research NIR Fluorescence spectrometer

Optional accessories