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HPLC Solvent Switching

solvent switching valves



LV-2080-03 6-Solvent Switching Valve

The JASCO LV-2080-03 allows any JASCO pump to become a multi-solvent development system,

  • up to 6 input solvents
  • up to 3 modules can be added together to provide up to 18 solvent selection with 3 pumps.

The LV-2080-03 operates on the input side of the pump and can only be used for low pressure applications. It can be controlled by the pump on-board control or computer controlled by any of the control softwares available.solvent switching valves




 HV-2080-01 High Pressure Column Switching Valve

The HV-2080-01 valve can be run from any system using a contact close.

  • The 2-position/6-port valve can be used for a variety of applications such as column swtiching and stream diversion.
  • Pressure is rate up to 6000PSI




solvent switching valves