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Chiral Separation SFC and
Prep-SFC with CD detection

optical rotation - chiral detectors



Chiral separation and purification have become increasingly important in pharmacology, food science, agro chemistry and other areas.

Chiral supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) with CO2 offers a shorter analysis time due to higher diffusivity and lower viscosity as well as reducing organic solvent usage.

A Circular Dichroism (CD) detector can effectively be used for determination of chiral purity of chromatographic peaks using the G - factor that is defined as the CD/UV signal ratio or ΔAU/AU, and is a value independent of the chromatographic peak concentration.

This detector measures optical isomers with circular dichromatic absorption between 220 and 420 nm with high sensitivity and excellent selectivity. The CD-2095 is generally 10 to 100 times more sensitive than an optical rotation detector. It can measure both CD and UV chromatograms as well as g-factor (CD/UV) chromatograms. Since g-factor in particular has a proportional relationship with the compositional ratio of optical isomer samples, the CD-2095 can perform compositional measurements and high purity fractionation for non-separated peaks. In addition, spectral measurements for CD and UV are possible by stopped-flow spectrometry.