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Supercritical Fluid Pumps



Analytical SFC - SF-2000

The JASCO SF-2000 integrated Analytical SFC system has been developed for all aspects of analytical SFC; including routine separation, method development and small scale preparation of samples at the mg scale. With a simple intuitive software and robust engineering, the JASCO SFC system is a powerful tool for analytical separations.

Applications for the JASCO SF-2000 Analytical SFC system

1)      Simple analytical SFC at flow rates between 0.5 to 10mL/min (Liquid CO2)

  • With Single or 4 channel  UV detector, PDA, ELSD,  Chiral or MS detection

2)      Method development

  • With up to 2 modifier pumps and 6 solvent selector units, modifier selection is very flexible and enables rapid screening of a range of columns using different solvent conditions completely automatically. 
  • Option for up to 2 column ovens each with 6 full sized columns with separate temperature control, great for combining chiral and achiral SFC in a single system.
  • Take advantage of the PDA detector combined with the CD-2095 chiral detector to work up fast analytical methods for direct scale-up to semi-prep and prep separations.

3)      Small scale prep using 4.6mm colums with a choice of either 6 or 8 way fraction valves or the new open
         bed fraction collector with MCS 6 micro-cyclone collection system (patented).


The SF-2000 Analytical SFC system comprises:

PU-2080 CO2 pump

The PU-2080-CO2 peltier temperature stabilized pump ensures the optimum conditions for pumping liquid CO2, there is no requirement for complicated pretreatment of CO2 and no need for a chiller for cooling the pumps heads. Simply supply low cost beverage grade CO2 .

Modifier pumps

Choose either one or two PU-2080 modifier pumps to add to the system with optional 6 or 12 solvent selection for method development.

Column temperature control

Peltier stabilized CO-2060 column oven for accurate control (from below the CO2 critical point up to 80 degC) with large space to accommodate six 4.6mm or 10mm columns (up to 300mm length), with optional column switching. Use 2 ovens for different temperature zones and for multiple column options for chiral and achiral screening

Back pressure regulator

The BP-2080 remains the best solution for maintaining supercritical conditions with pressure fluctuations as low as 1.5 psi peak to peak. Dynamic control enables modifier gradients without changes to back pressure.  Response is fast and accurate ensuring stable baselines even for trace level analysis.


The SF-2000 system offers the widest selection of detection available for Analytical SFC


UV-2070 single wavelength 190 to 900nm

UV-2077 – 4 continuous wavelengths (solid state optical bench) plus ratio with wavelengths 200 to 600nm

Photometric Diode Array PDA

MD-2018 - 1024 element diode array for high sensitivity, trace analysis and component identification.


The CD-2095 circular dichroism detector is the only chiral detector compatible with SFC and provides positive confirmation of enantiomeric separation.  It can also be used to drive chiral directed prep SFC.


ELSD and FID detection can be used by splitting a portion of flow to inlet of the detector;  these detectors are great for material that have no absorbing  chromophore such as in petrochemical  or pharmaceutical analysis .

Mass Spectrometry detection with SFC

The analytical SFC can be used with virtually any mass spectrometer working with ESI, APCI or APPI interface. The SF-2000 system can be incorporated into either Sciex Analyst or Thermo  Xcalibur for full integrated control.


Instrument control and data acquisition

The SF-2000 system is completely controlled using the ChromNav data system - offering simple control for routine analytical separation through to complex method development with a range of enhanced reporting capabilities. Full GxP compliance and 21 CFR part 11.

PU-2080-CO2 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pump (Analytical Range)
This carbon dioxide transfer pump is for analytical applications. It employs Slow Suction-Quick Delivery (SSQD), recognized for low pulsation as its pumping mechanism, thereby enabling stable transfer. It enables transfer at a stable compositional ratio when using it along with a modifier pump, thereby achieving separation and extraction with high reproducibility. The PU-2080-CO2 also makes it possible to build an extremely compact analysis system without requiring any external cooling equipment.

PU-2086-CO2 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pump (Semi-Preparative) (image  attached )
This dual-head supercritical carbon dioxide pump is for applications ranging from analytical to preparative isolation. It employs a specially shaped cam to achieve stable pumping performance up to a high flow rate. A single system can be used to analyze batches and perform purity inspections. It also conserves space by combining the PU-2086 with a compact cooling head.

PU-2088-CO2 Supercritical carbon dioxide pump (Preparative) (image  attached  )
This dual-head supercritical carbon dioxide pump is specifically designed for preparative isolation. Due to its ability to transfer carbon dioxide at a stable rate of 10 to 150 mL/min, it can process large volumes of samples up to about 30 mm of column internal diameter for preparative SFC applications and up to 1L of vessel volume for extraction applications.