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V-630 and V-630BIO UV-Visible Spectrophotometers






Two great new optical benches for routine applications 

  • Double-beam spectrophotometer with single monochromator
  • Silicon photodiode detectors
  • Range 190 to 1100 nm
  • Fixed bandpass of 1.5 nm
  • High-speed scanning up to 8,000 nm/min

The V630 is a great entry level machine, the fixed band width of 1.5nm is enough to satisfy any pharmacopeia requirement. Dual beam optics and a wide scanning range of 190 to 1100nm give stability and range.

Standard applications

  • Scanning
  • Fixed Wavlength
  • Time Course
  • Quantitation
  • Validation
  • Kinetics

Excellent for basic applications such as teaching and simple QA.  Can be used with a the range of ambient, temperature control cell holders as well as the micro cell holders and automation accessories.

User Interface

Choose from Spectra Manager II running under Windows XP or the excellent iRM touch sensitive handheld unit

Quick Start button

We all know that the PC has revolutionised the interraction with our laboratory instruments. However, sometimes when you want to start a measurement, fumbling for the mouse is not the easiest way of doing things. JASCO has implemented the Quick Start button which has proven so popular on the FTIR series. Ready the PC, insert your sample and press the button on the instrument -  the measurement is made!

V630Bio - automated biomaterial analysis


With the same specification as the V630 the 'bio' version offers some great additional standard features
  • The iRM handheld touch sensitive controller with stylus
  • A cell holder for semi micro cuvettes with height adjustment
  • All of the dedicated 'bio' functions like protein and nucleic acid quantitation and kinetics
  • Warburg Christian Measurements in only 8 seconds!

Micro Cell HolderAdd the EMC-759 micro cell holder and you can make measurements from only 5uL of sample in the dedicated cuvette


Accessory Recognition

The new V-600 Series now has accessory recognition.

A simple identity chip is added to the accessories and synchronised to the application you use most. When you switch on the instrument the software will simply confirm that you are ready to run your normal application and you are ready to start measuring

Accessories and Applications

With over 50 accessories and a wide variety of applications to choose from we have categorised them into Life Sciences, Quantitation and Materials Analysis.

Spectra Manager II

Data is the most important aspect of any measurement you make. Thanks to the many new advances in technology the new V-series makes data acquisition more accurate and reliable than ever.

Now with Spectra Manager II we have provided you with a user interface which is even more user friendly than before but at the same time powerful enough for intensive data tasks.