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UV-Visible-NIR spectroscopy applications



 Life Sciences Applications

All the applications you could need

  • Protein/Nucleic Acid quantitation
  • Simple Kinetics
  • Complex Kinetics
  • Nucleic Acid Melting



  • External Standard calibration with statistical analysis
  • Chromaticity/Turbidity Measurement
  • Spectrum Quant Analysis

Multivariant Analysis

High power quantitative analysis

  • PLS
  • CLS
  • PCA
  • PCR



Materials Analysis

Coupled to our incredible range of accesories for materials analysis these applications can automatically collect and calculate in Spectra Manager II

  • Solar/Visible light measurement
  • Band gap Analysis
  • Sample Haze measurement
  • SPF/PA calculation
  • Color diagnosis
  • Color matching
  • ASTM color analysis
  • Saybolt color analysis
  • UV Shield factor calculation
  • Luminous color measurement
  • Luminous color analysis
  • Multilayer library measurement