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TGS-Pro FT-4100™
the ultimate starter system



The TGS-Pro is priced like a starter system, but it is anything but!

You can be running transmission samples in a matter of minutes using the high quality hand press and KBr pellet holder or liquid or gas cells

FT/IR 4100 FTIR with Peltier stabilised TGS detector

ftir starter system









  • Highest performance in its class!
  • Wavenumber range: 7800 to 350 cm-1
  • Resolution: 0.9 cm-1
  • S/N: 22,000:1 (1 minute, 4 cm-1)
  • Detector: DLA TGS peltier stabilised
  • Accutrac Patented DSP for accurately controlling the interferometer
  • Optical bench: Auto-aligning Michelson interferometer with corner cube mirrors, purgeable

Spectra Manager II™ Integrated Spectroscopy

  • JASCO Spectra manager II instrument control and data analysis
  • KnowItAll™ World Standard™ IR knowledgebase including 10,000 free spectra (complete library of 250,000 spectra, free for 3 months)
  • JASCO Canvas™ develop powerful feature-rich custom reports
  • Optional 21 CFR 21 compliance is available with new Spectra Manager II CFR™

Starter Kit

ftir starter kit

The FTIR Starter Kit is the perfect combination of transmission accessories, for use with solids, liquids and gases. The items are packaged in a hard shell carrying case for storage and transportation.

Starter kit contents

  • High performance hand press for making great KBr disks
  • Liquid Cell
  • Mull Cell
  • 10cm Pyrex gas cell
  • Film holder
  • Carrying case

Add an optional ATR from our selection of Diamond, Silicon, Germanium or Zinc Selenide top plates.

Replacement consumables can be ordered individually.

KnowItAll™ The 'World Standard' FTIR
Knowledgebase KnowItAll™  - JASCO Edition

KnowItAllTake advantage of the 10,000 free spectra plus a  250,000 library available for three months free of charge!

  • Use KnowItAll to identify your samples.
  • Match with commercial libraries
  • Build your own libraries
  • Draw structures
  • identify functional groups
  • generate high quality data for presentations

Installation and Training

The system will be fully installed and commissioned by a factory trained JASCO engineer, then you will receive full training from one of our product support specialists

  • Installed in your laboratory including Dell Optiplex 280 with 17" flat screen PC and software
  • One Year Warranty
  • Half-Day Training