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Preparative and Semi-Prep SFC Systems



Sample preparation using SFC is an excellent choice for a wide range of molecules, for more than 10 years SFC has been the separation choice for chiral molecules that are often difficult to separate using chiral HPLC. Low mobile phase viscosity and the use of simple modifiers such as methanol or isopropanol mean that post-separation clean-up is much easier and yields a cleaner product. In recent years SFC has been gaining a foothold in separations of achiral molecules, especially with the recent developments in column phases.

We offer a range of solutions for preparative SFC, below are two of our most popular systems using semi-prep and prep-scale SFC.

 Prep SFC System
 SP-2086 Semi-Prep SFC


Semi-Prep SFC- SP-2086

SP-2086 Semi-prep hybrid SFC system crosses the divide between analytical SFC and prep SFC offering the best of both worlds. With flow rates from approx. 1 mL/min up to 20mL/min this system can be used with 4.6mm columns for high quality analytical separations and with 10mm columns for excellent sample purification.

Use the SP-2086 hybrid with our new MD-2018 PDA detector with high performance SFC flow cell to get unparalleled sensitivity. Or choose a prep cell for scaling with high column loading.

•    Analytical and semi-prep flow rates from 1mL/min to 20mL/min
•    Optional twin modifier pumps for fine tuning modifier composition
•    Column switching – for automatic selection and method development
•    Modifier solvent switching for method development
•    High capacity column oven for up to 6 x 10mm columns (use 2 ovens for even greater flexibility)
•    Sample collection using the new patented MCS MicroCyclone fraction collection system
•    Fraction collection of up to 8 fractions or optional open bed fraction collector
•    Analytical and preparative software options including ChromNav and SF-Nav
•    A wide range of detectors including UV-Vis, PDA and CD
•    Patented dynamic back pressure regulation
•    Compatible with a range of Mass spec detectors with integrated control,  including Sciex and Thermo

Prep SFC - PR-2088

The dedicated PR-2088 Prep SFC system is designed for large scale throughput with 21 or even 30mm columns to maximum sample preparation.  This system is versatile enough to be used for smaller scale prep with 10mm columns. Interchangeable modifier pumps can be configured to give highly accurate modifier compositions. JASCO SF-Nav provides complete integrated control for flow rate, sample injection and fractionation.

•    Preparative scale CO2 delivery up to 120mL/min (up to 180mL including modifier)
•    Separation and purification from hundreds of milligrams to 10s of grams using up to 30 mm I.D. columns
•    Excellent for both Chiral and Achiral sample preparation
•    High throughput stack injection with fraction collection choices of time window, slope, and/or threshold
•    SF-Nav software for ease of use and maximum productivity, use time, slope or threshold fraction collection
•    Separation parameters are monitored & stored providing a complete log of the conditions for each sample
•    Large volume sampling using the new 10mL AS-2058 autosampler & up to 40 mL using our LVI system
•    Patented DLI (Dual Line Injection) to ensure excellent chromatography while making large volume injections.
•    Fraction collection of up to 8 fractions – volumes from 250mL up to 4L
•    Large purpose designed evacuated fraction collection cabinet which can be connected to the lab exhaust system
•    Patented dynamic back pressure regulation
•    A wide range of detectors including UV-Vis, PDA and CD

SF-NAV Software Data