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HPLC on-line Vacuum Degassers

vacuum degassers



DG-2080-53(4) , 3 or 4 Solvent in-line vacuum degasser

The DG range of JASCO degassers is built to last with a high quality cast aluminium vacuum housing and a heavy duty rugged vacuum pump, these units will deliver results long after our competitors!


The fluoropolymer membrane allows degassing down to a few ppm of O2


The DG-2080 on-line HPLC vacuum degasser removes gaseous components such as O2, N2, and CO2 from a solvent by passing the solvent through a fluoropolymer membrane tube with the pressure outside the tube reduced. Vacuum degassing by membrane separation is carried our under mild conditions, this process has  no effect on the composition of the solvent. This method is highly efficient, yielding results significantly better than helium sparging.








vacuum degassers



Number of line:

3 or 4

Maximum flowrate:

10ml/min (with water)

Maximum usable flowrate:


Maximum pressure:


Solvent hold-up volume:

Approx. 10ml each line