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Jasco HPLC System Building





System Configurations

The LC-4000 series HPLC analytical and preparative HPLC systems have a number of common features

  • 300mm wide footprint
  • Each system component is completely stackable into a modest height
  • The system is fully integrated with complete system monitoring
  • All user replaceable components are accessible through the front panel
  • Vertical leak/drain system to channel away solvent
  • Integrated earthquake securing option
  • All detectors include 100Hz acquistion with interchangeable flowcells

Conventional HPLC and RHPLC Analytical Systems up to 70MPa

The LC-4000 Series 70MPa system has been designed to future-proof your HPLC requirements. The LC-4000 70MPa system can be used with conventional 3 and 5μm particle size analytical columns at typical lower pressures around 10 to 20MPa (1500 to 3000psi) and can also be used with smaller particles such as shorter length UHPLC columns and superficially porous (SPP) or Coreshell that require slightly higher pressure solvent delivery to provide optimum linear velocity through the column.

UHPLC Analytical Systems at 130MPa

Ten years after the new segment of the HPLC market, UHPLC has found a niche for those that need to run a large number of samplers or get results quickly. Pioneering column technology is pushing the particle size even smaller. The near 20,000 psi operation of the LC-4000 130MPa is designed to take advantage of the separation efficiency of the very small particles couple with longer and narrower columns. The LC-4000 130MPa system incorporates many of the same features as the 70MPa system, but with materials designed to withstand higher pressures.


Preparative HPLC Systems

The LC-4000 preparative HPLC systems includes three platform options

  • Up to 20mL/min for columns up to 21.2mm ID
  • Up to 50mL/min for columns up to 3cm ID
  • Up to 120mL/min for columns up to 5cm ID

Large column oven for multiple preparative columns and optional automatic column switching
Preparative detector options including high flow short path length flow-cells Open-bed fraction collector with sample trays for tubes, plates or large containers ChromNAV-FC for fraction control using time, threshold or slope from up to 4 different signals

Semi-prep HPLC LC-4000 system