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FTIR Instrument Validation using Spectra Manager II

FTIR instrument validation



Spectra Manager II includes a comprehensive system system for checking instrument perfomance.

  • Manual Validation include as standard with all FTIR systems
  • Completely Automatic Validation is a low cost optional upgrade

The system is preconfigured with a series of tests to ensure that your FTIR instrument is functioning in accordance with manufacturer's specification. You can be confident that the instrument will deliver consistent and accurate results for each and every analysis.

Easy to set-up and convenient to use. These simple tests can be run weekly without impacting on your busy schedule.

The system can be customised to test any or all of the following parameters.

  • Energy
  • Wavenumber Accuracy
  • Wavenumber  Repeatability
  • Transmittance Repeatability
  • Resolution
  • Change of transmittance with Wavenumber



resolution - spectroscopy

energy - spectroscopy