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FTIR Designed for Your Laboratory



Three Great FTIR Packages to Choose From.

The JASCO FTIR packages cover about 95% of the routine applications so there is bound to be one to suit you, but If you require something a little different, check out the FTIR pages here

Each system includes KnowItAll™ JASCO Edition the 'World Standard' knowledgebase for IR spectroscopy, A high performance Dell Optiplex PC with 17 inch flat screen and DVD writer, installation & training.

Accutrac FT-4100™

spectroscopy - chromatography - FTIRA complete FT/IR system with new MIRacle™ diamond ATR for all routine analysis. If you use ATR or are thinking of using ATR, the MIRacle diamond ATR offers a rugged top plate, high presure anvil with pressure gauge and the highest optical throughput to keep down measurement times. You will be amazed how fast you can get results! Optional 21 CFR Part 11 can be included for laboratories requiring electronic submission of data for regulatory purposes.

TGS-Pro FT-4100™

Much more than a starter system! we are offering this system with a peltier stabilised TGS detector as standard with a free starter kit for transmission measurements for solids, liquids and gases. You can be analysing samples in minutes!


This is a very high spec FT-microscope system complete with automatic  X-Y-Z mapping stage, Spectra Manager II with mapping software, choice of ATR with pressure sensing and MCT detector.