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Spectroscopy and Chromatography




FTIR Packages

Our FTIR packages are supplied complete with accessory,  are bundled with a Dell Optiplex PC and 17" flat screen monitor with XP professional, Spectra Manager II and KnowItAllTM  JASCO Edition 'World Standard' informatics for FTIR.

Take advantage of commercial and custom 250,000 spectra database for your samples!!

accutracV-600 UV-Visible-NIR


JASCO V-600 Series, the next generation of laboratory spectrophotometers including the new dedicated V630bio with a comprehensive range of life sciences, semiconductor and materials analysis applications.

With over 50 sampling accessories and dozens of software applications



visionary ft microscope

X-LC Xtreme Pressure HPLC


A new approach to ultra high pressure HPLC, a modular system that is easily at home operating with 5, 3 and sub 2um particles with flow-rates from 2mL/min down to 50uL/min and pressures to 15,000 psi


FP-8000 Series Fluorescence Spectrometers

FP-8000 Series fluorescence spectrometers are jam packed with the latest technologies.  FP-8000 boasts the highest sensitivity, fastest spectral scanning and a huge choice of application specific accessories to provide integrated solutions for advanced materials research and biochemical analysis applications.


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